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Welcome to Sweet, Sassy Southern Belle. The posts on this blog are my (Southern Belle) rants and ramblings, maybe sometimes some praises, of the things going on in my life. As this Southern Belle dates, I’ll post about it for you to read. As this Southern Belle works her way through grad school, I’ll post about it for you to read. As this Southern Belle suffers through her 9-5 job, I’ll post about it for you to read. As this Southern Belle encounters life events that are awesome and/or terrible, I’ll post about it for you to read. This Southern Belle is going to post about just about anything and everything!

As you read through and follow my blog, you may not always agree with what I post, and that’s okay. You may love everything I say, and that’s even better! And if you would like to ask me questions, then go right on again and do so. Who knows — I might even turn your e-mail or question into a post!

So please, go ahead and start browsing through the various categories of posts that I have. Or, if you don’t have something specific you’re looking for, head on over to the All Posts section on my menu and you can browse through every post I’ve ever made, regardless of topic.

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The History of The Weasel


For a quick disclaimer, this is not a post about the actual animal of weasels.  When I say “The Weasel”, I do so using it as a proper noun.  It is a person.  And it is a person that I loathe. I’ve never talked much about DM or his family.  But, in order for everyone […]

Sorry for Going MIA Again

I’m so sorry that I went MIA again.  I keep thinking that things will calm down with my new job and I’ll have time at work to blog, but it hasn’t happened yet.  There’s just so much going on here.  Partly because the company is growing and partly trying to get caught up on things […]

September Book Club CoHost

Morning love! It’s officially September and not only are we closer to my favorite season, Fall, but it’s time to announce the book for the Blogger2Blogger Book Club!! I’ve attached the HTML for the button so you can easily included it in your posts. This month my amazing co-host is XXXXX! THE BOOK When Pulitzer Prize–winning […]

Hooray New Job!

new job

For anyone who missed the memo, I started a new job on Monday.  I’ve been kinda quiet about it ever since I started considering taking the interview, because I didn’t want anything to go badly with the job I was leaving or with this job. The biggest difference between my new job and the job […]

Crazy, Stressful First Day


I remember coming across this gif so many years ago. I loved it then, and I love it now. And honestly, it kinda describes the day I’ve had.  My first day of work has been completely crazy and stressful.  Granted, I knew this coming in, but still. Though, in all fairness, it hadn’t actually been […]

Goodbye Job!


So, today is my last day at my current job.  I start my new job on Monday (more about that next week or maybe the week after). Ok, so truth be told, I have no idea what that’s from.  But it’s a gif of a guy walking out and leaving work, so I decided it […]

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